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Adult Therapy and the Roadmap to Progress: How Counseling Can Help to Overcome Addiction.

Habits are hard to break and much more so when we develop a chemical dependence on them. Whether the discussion centers on prescription drugs, alcohol, or some form of street drug, these addictions can become debilitating. In fact, a report released by the Surgeon General would reveal that 1 in 7 Americans would face substance addiction in their lives. With such high numbers of individuals struggling and in need of help, solutions such as adult therapy and addictions counseling begin to present themselves.

For individuals looking to take back control of their addiction or habit, they can find support through adult therapy and counseling from Jim Stangarone, LCSW, CP.

What to Expect From Alcoholism Counseling and Addictions Counseling

Dealing with a habit or addiction can be debilitating. Kicking the habit completely can be considered a shining achievement. Between the addiction and the success story, however, there is a lot of work that has to be done. One of the most effective ways to tackle this particular issue is by working with a licensed health professional through adult therapy and addictions counseling. While it may be hard to take the first step toward help, Jim helps his clients to keep moving forward once they arrive.

When undergoing addiction counseling, clients can expect quite a few benefits throughout the process. With something as hard to deal with as an addiction, it is important to focus on continual progress while underscoring all of the benefits that come our way.

  • Get An Outsider Perspective - It can be hard to separate ourselves from the addiction that is hobbling us. In order to have an honest look at their current situation, it can help to get a new perspective from someone with experience. Jim utilizes his wealth of knowledge and experience in the field to guide clients through this new perspective.

  • Develop Coping Strategies - Addiction counseling is about learning how to overcome those habits that are holding us back. By developing coping strategies that are backed by licensed clinicians, clients can develop the tools needed to find success.

  • Relapse Prevention - Perhaps most importantly, a professional adult therapy counselor can offer support as a form of relapse prevention. Contacting a drug addiction counselor when cravings are strong can help to prevent a relapse event.


Jim Stangarone, LCSW, CP is an experienced and licensed clinical social worker. He has built his career working with family units, adolescents, children, and adults in individual or group therapy sessions. Addiction counseling and alcoholism counseling offer individuals the chance to find support through scientifically-backed therapy modalities.


Contact Jim Stangarone, LCSW, CP Today To Begin Your Journey Toward Wellness

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