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Family Therapy: Understanding the Family Unit and Finding Solutions Through Communication.

As the medical community continues to explore the importance of mental health counseling, individuals and family units around the world are coming to terms with the benefits of family therapy. Family therapy and group therapy are two forms of therapeutic modalities that offer individuals the chance to share their feelings, concerns, and troubles in a safe and open environment.

Engaging with and exploring the world of family therapy and group therapy can be intimidating at first. Any time that individuals open up about their innermost feelings and emotions, it can be difficult to find progress. Through the assistance of a certified psychotherapist and clinical social worker, however, progress is around the corner.

What Can Family Therapy Offer Me?

The question that every family unit or individual has to ask at some point is as such, "is Family therapy right for my family and me?" The question is a valid one and the answer should be as detailed as it is valid. Family and group therapy are two therapeutic services that give individuals the chance to bond, share, and plunge forward in life to bypass the problems most beholden to them.

For individuals considering the pursuit of group or family therapy, here are a few benefits that can arrive with continued practice under the care of Jim Stangarone, LCSW, CP.

  • Find a Source of Support - Whether we are talking about individual adults in group therapy or children during family therapy, these meetings offer a source of support for individuals who are struggling. Family therapy under the auspices of a professional allows for a safe and nurturing space to open up where thoughts and feelings shared are considered valid and explored fully.

  • Continue Moving Forward - When we work on our problems by ourselves, it can be easy to lose track of our progress. In fact, some people don't make much progress at all until they sign up for some form of therapy or counseling session. Weekly or monthly sessions give all parties involved a reason to continue pushing forward while maintaining accountability.

  • Gives Everyone a Voice - This is particularly important when it comes to adolescent therapy. Pursuing therapy with the care of a professional will allow everyone involved in the family or group to air their grievances, share their feelings, and do so with respect as the foundation of the conversation. Having an impartial third party around can help to empower everyone to share their thoughts, feelings, and concerns.

Whether individuals are looking for adolescent therapy for a child that is struggling or family therapy to treat the entire family unit, Jim Stangarone, LCSW, CP can be of service. An experienced and licensed clinical social worker, Jim specializes in treating children, adolescents, and adults in both group and individual sessions.

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