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Complex PTSD

Identify and Treat Complex PTSD with Jim Stangarone, LCSW, CP.

Complex post-traumatic stress disorder, also known as Complex PTSD, is known as a crippling condition that can affect individuals for months or years following traumatic moments in life. Inciting symptoms similar to PTSD, C-PTSD is significantly harder to diagnose and subsequently treat, despite the fact that impairment can be significant in both the quality of life and the health of relationships for the individual in question.

In order to address complex PTSD, it can help to have a licensed and experienced clinician. Jim Stangarone, LCSW, CP offers adult therapy through varying modalities designed to help treat complex PTSD at its roots.

How Can I Get My C-PTSD Under Control?

We all have an understanding of some sort when it comes to PTSD. Trauma that occurs can significantly alter the way that an individual experiences life, including severe fear, night terrors, depression, and even insomnia. C-PTSD isn't a specific outcome for a specific sort of trauma, as everyone experiences and reacts to life differently. Complex PTSD can afflict just about anyone from survivors of sexual abuse to individuals who have been mentally or physically tormented by their abuser.

Treatment for complex PTSD will manifest in much the same way as traditional PTSD, though some experts argue that different types of care should be employed depending on the individual. Survivors of sexual abuse who work with a professional experienced in treating complex PTSD will find many advantages to the process, including the benefit of a safe space to share their concerns, thoughts, and feelings.

Find Support With a Seasoned Clinical Social Worker

To embark upon the path to wellness, consider contacting Jim Stangarone, LCSW, CP for treatment and advice dealing with complex PTSD. Jim is a seasoned clinician, Licensed Clinical Social Worker, and a specialist when it comes to treating abuse in individuals of all ages and backgrounds.

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